AACP 2015 Annual Meeting Technology Presentations

The annual AACP meetings will soon be upon us and for those vested in the use of technology and interested in incorporating new material into their teaching, there may be some presentations this year of interest.

Friday July 10, 2015

  • This day is pretty much dedicated solely towards admissions and does not have any pertinent presentations related to this topic

Saturday July 11, 2015

  • Again, nothing to interesting related to the topic of technology in education, however, the school poster session is this day, and we will update you on posters possibly worth visiting.

Sunday July 12, 2015

  • Opening Session (8:00-9:30AM) - Jane McGonigal (author of Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World) will be giving the keynote on the use of serious games in education, and for those of you with an interest in this topic, this will be a good session to attend.
  • Professions Quest Table (10:00AM - 4:00PM) - Feel free to stop by and see what AACP is doing in its quest to create a serious game to foster IPE in pharmacy education!
  • Library and Information Science Section: Lightning Librarians: Unconference Talks, Questions, Problems, Solutions and Discussions (1:00-2:30PM) - The Library and Information Science Section always has a few tech related topics, so if you got time, feel free to stop by and see what the speakers have brought this year!

Monday July 13, 2015

  • Mini Session: Setting Up a “Resident On-Call” Simulation for Students Using Twitter (8:00-8:30AM) - Now this is an interesting topic, using Twitter to simulate what it's like to be on call! This is a mini-session that may be of major interest for those looking to integrate a novel teaching element into their classes.

  • Pharmacy Practice Section: Innovative Pharmacy Practice Models: Income-Generating to Informatics (8:00-9:30AM) - Well, this session is geared to multiple other topics including reimbursement and IPE, but there does seem to be a section dedicated towards informatics for those of you who may be interested.

  • Mini Session: Simulating the Journal Club Experience for Pharmacy Students Using YouTube (9:00-9:30) - Another interesting mini-session, this time focused on using YouTube and other associated technologies to bring journal club to a large classroom environment. May be of major interest in those faculty with large classrooms or involved in drug literature or associated classes.

  • Special Session: Using e-Resource in Informatics Education and Assessment for Pharmacy Student (3:30-5:00 PM) - This presentation will focus on the experiences of two colleges of pharmacy in Canada that are exploring mechanisms to teach informatics to pharmacy students.

Tuesday July 14, 2015

  • Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG: Business Meeting (6:45-7:45AM) - This years SIG meeting will be held in the morning, and for those vested in becoming an active member or who want to see what direction TiPEL is taking please stop by!
  • Special Session: Utilizing Technology for Assessment in the Skills-Based Laboratory Curriculum (10:00-11:30AM) - Well, this is a change up! This group of educators from multiple schools of pharmacy will share the success and pitfalls associated with their use of technology in the skill-based laboratory setting. May be a big interest for those looking at how others are using tech, or are involved in skill-based teaching and looking for something innovative!
  • Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG: Enhance Student Learning with Inexpensive Tablet Apps (10:00-11:30AM) - Like apps? So do I (but I won't be at AACP this year...)! TiPELs sponsored event, this session will focus on the use of inexpensive apps to help students learn material suited for 'chunking' of information. This session will be hands-on and will be workshop oriented.

  • Special Session: Comparative Health Informatics Curriculum Models (1:00-3:00PM) - This session is specific to the use of HIT and the lack of formal educational methods in the pharmacy curriculum directed towards the role of HIT in healthcare and the use of informatics overall.

  • Special Session: Implementing technology-enhanced practice development systems collaboratively: Using MyDispense in Australia, California and Connecticut (1:30-3:00PM) - Well this is a very interesting presentation, that is focusing on taking the success of a virtual pharmacy dispensing practice used in Australia and adapting it for the US. I would say this will be a very interesting model to possibly use in schools that are either tight on space, or looking to give more practice to students.

Wednesday 15, 2015

  • Special Session: Computer Based Testing in Pharmacy Education: Implementation, Experiences, Evaluation, and Implications for Assessment (8:00-9:30AM) - Looking to integrate CBT into your pharmacy school? This presentation may be right up your alley, as it addresses the implementation of such a system and the roadblocks along the way.

Well that wraps things up for now! Quite a lot this year, and the overlying theme seems to be on serious games, using technology for education in certain pharmacy teaching scenarios, and the need for expanding informatics into the curriculum.

I hope you have a good time, and don't forget to stop by the TiPEL business meeting!

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