The Upcoming Updates to the TiPEL SIG Standing Rules of Procedure

Christina Seeger, MLS

The SIG’s Standing Rules of Procedure have been updated to reflect the realities of a large group with diverse interests. For several years the ability of the SIG to conduct business has been hampered by the inability to reach quorum at the annual business meeting. A survey was sent to the membership in 2014 and these revisions take into account the needs and frustrations of the members that responded, as well as the needs of the SIG, and requirements of AACP.

A summary of substantive changes:

  • Updates to conform to AACP requirements, formatting corrections, update SIG name.
  • Update electronic communications, including distribution by secretary and leaving definition open to new technologies. Newsletter removed from document completely.
  • Nominations committee – slate of “no more than 2,” to allow for uncontested elections, if needed.
  • Allowance for electronic voting, electronic meetings.
  • Quorum lowered to 20 members, as a result of the 2014-15 member survey results (down from 10%).
  • Meeting agenda updated, allowing for more flexibility in both face-to-face and online business meetings.
  • Resolutions Committee – document updated to make this an ad hoc committee, constituted by the Chair (Secretary no longer automatic committee chair).
  • Reformatting of the document sections to make it easier to read (as requested by AACP).

This document is temporarily available at

 The revised Standing Rules of Procedure must now be voted on by SIG members to replace the outdated Bylaws. Further information about that Special Vote, which is expected be held this semester in preparation for the Annual Meeting, will be shared as soon as available. In the meantime if you have any questions about the revisions please direct them to: Christina Seeger ( or Lana Dvorkin Camiel (