TiPEL SIG Votes to Update the Standing Rules and Procedure

A big thank you to everyone who voted on the update of the SIG’s Standing Rules of Procedure (SOP). The vote was overwhelmingly affirmative and changes are already being made based on the revisions, including the SIGs first online business meeting -- which will allow more of the membership to participate in the business and leadership of TiPEL.

The new Standing Rules of Procedure have been submitted to AACP for inclusion on the TiPEL SIG webpage, and allow the SIG to better communicate and engage such a large and diverse membership. The revised SOP allows the leadership to implement the vision of the SIG as technologies change, by leaving the definition of electronic communications open to include new technologies.

Please see the January blog post for a full summary of revisions, and plan to join the SIG business meeting, June 30, 2016 1-2pm EST.